Rick Johannessen

Managing Partner, Wellesley

Over 20+ years of business development, general management, and talent acquisition experiences in Asia-Pacific. Experience includes business development for an Alibaba competitor and an online job board/tech-focused recruiting platform; equity partner in two professional services firms; and, talent advisor to some of the largest principal investors globally. Rick is currently the Managing Partner for the executive search business and is head of the alternative investment management practice for Wellesley. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Wellesley is a leading regional financial service and technology-focused search firm with offices in Mumbai, Shanghai, and Singapore. We help build world-class alternative asset management businesses by placing investment, operations, and distribution teams. We work with fund managers and asset owners who pursue private equity, and other private capital investment strategies in Asia. We also work with their portfolio companies with a focus on Series B+ backed firms that are consumer-driven, financial services, and/or tech-enabled companies. My search specialty is placing senior investment and operating professionals. Currently focused on giving back to Hong Kong and the local community as Co-Founder and Board Member of the American Club Foundation Hong Kong (www.acfhk.org), and Steering Committee of the Hong Kong Community Recovery Fund (www.hkcrf.org).

Favourite Quote: Pressure makes Diamonds – George S. Patton Jr.

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