Raymond Hsu

CEO, Cabital

Raymond Hsu is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Cabital.

Cabital is a leading cryptocurrency institution in the digital finance industry. Since 2020, Cabital has strived to bring professional financial services to the world of cryptocurrencies. Leveraging the teams extensive experience in traditional finance along with the power of blockchain technology, Cabital empowers people from all walks of life to generate high income from their digital assets  safety, creating a more sustainable financial industry.

After extensive conversations with people across the globe, Raymond noticed one reigning theme about investing in  cryptocurrencies: the lack of security, peace of mind and ease of doing business. He was then convinced that the world needed a simple solution to buy crypto safety and easily, where everyday investors can earn much higher dividends without worrying about the market’s volatility.

Raymond launched Cabital with the conviction that no one should be left behind when it came to innovation in financial services. Cabital’s products and services are designed for any investor who is seeking to generate interest off their digital assets.

As one of the few cryptocurrency institutions officially registered in an EU member state, Cabital provides customers with a  legitimate and sustainable way to earn up to 12% APY on their crypto holdings. Cabital designed a product offering that we’d use ourselves — balancing duration, fee structure and risk control for the discerning investor who’s looking for stable returns on their long-term investment. 

Prior to co-founding Cabital, Raymond worked for over a decade holding leadership positions in fintech companies including Airwallex and traditional finance institutions such as Citibank. Raymond is based in Singapore.

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