Raj Shetgar

Angel Investor, Innovation Consultant

Raj Shetgar works as an innovation consultant helping large organizations to innovate fast and start-ups to scale. In the past Raj has worked for Bosch as an innovation manager supporting business units on topics related to Innovation and business model innovation across the Asia Pacific.

He has helped many businesses to define their innovation strategy, deduce search fields, generate ideas, and helped in implementing promising ideas by establishing an ecosystem that drives innovation.

Raj is based in Melbourne, but has achieved outstanding results while working around the world. He has extensive experience leading product teams developing solutions for global markets.

With two hardware startup failure experiences, Raj knows what not to do when starting a new venture. He is very passionate about Lean Startup methodologies and helps teams to apply these methods in a practical way. Raj is an angel investor and from time to time mentors start-ups. He helps start-ups in finding “problem-solution fit” and then “product-market fit”.

Raj has an Undergrad degree in software, a Masters degree in Engineering (Electronics), and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Favorite quote: “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” —Drew Houston, Dropbox founder, and CEO

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