Per Welinder

Partner at Welinder & Shi Capital

    Came to America from Sweden at age 18. Became two-time World Champion Freestyle Skateboarder.  Per is a legend in the action sports world. After managing his own professional career, he approached the now world famous Tony Hawk with a business plan. With Welinder as CEO they went on to start Birdhouse Skateboards.

    Within seven years the company reached the top in the industry with sales in seventy-five countries.
    Per is a skilled entrepreneur and active investor who can provide extensive expertise in marketing, product
    management, organizational structure, brand creation and management, overseas logistics, licensing
    agreements and startup fundraising support.

    He is the founding partner of Welinder & Shi Capital a new cross-border Venture Capital fund with a focus on Active Lifestyle & Technologies that touch it.

    He is also an author, lecturer and sits on multiple boards. Per earned his MBA from the UCLA Anderson
    School of Management and resides in Huntington Beach, California.

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