Peiran Yu

Growth Strategy at Careem

A resolute impact-driven Growth Specialist; a tech startup veteran with experience in multiple global markets. 

I’m a firm believer of the “Why’s” behind the “What’s”. For entrepreneurs aspiring to create meaningful changes, I believe these “Why’s” oftentimes are the ultimate wellspring for key startup success factors such as resilience.

Growth is my true north. With years analyzing data from 39+ countries at comScore, I have built a strong foundation of analytical skills to drive decision-making in Growth strategy; which is reinforced by product development knowledge that I gained from driving growth for Mobike in its 16+ global markets (based in Beijing, China); marketing know-how from managing 6+ marketing channels at FrontPoint, a smart home startup (based in Washington DC, US); and strategic planning for a Indian biotech startup Avesthagen as they were entering emerging markets in the 4 BRIC countries (based in Bangalore, India).

Favorite quotes: “… you will have to know when to push yourself and then you summit, or back down because you may die if you keep going. This is all about decision making. It’s not only about how much knowledge you have about mountaineering, or how strong you are; rather, it’s about how much you know about yourself.” – a pro adventurer friend

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