Patrick Loney

Investment Manager & General Counsel, Paragon Partners Asia

Patrick Loney is an investment manager and general counsel at Paragon Partners Asia, a boutique
investment bank composed of eight investment professionals and headquartered in Shanghai, although
Patrick is based in Beijing. At Paragon Partners Asia, Patrick sources and manages investment deals of a
variety of structures, including private placement and pre-IPO secondary market deals.
Patrick’s core skill set is corporate and financial law, particularly startup law, private placement
financings and M&A. While at K&L Gates LLP in Seattle, he served as the legal mentor to the
TechStars/MSFT Azure accelerator and represented a number of companies from that program. He
maintains a passion for helping founders, whether it be through introductions and social network sharing,
planning (especially legal) or as a friendly confidante.
Patrick is from Seattle and has lived in Beijing since February 2014. His primary network regions are
Seattle, SF/Silicon Valley and Beijing. His secondary regions include LA, NY, DC, Shanghai, Hong
Kong and Singapore. Feel free to look up his LinkedIn and reach out if you have a request for
introduction to his contacts, and feel free to reach out with any other requests for support!

“Nobody teaches life anything.” Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

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