Nir Laznik

Former VP Business Development at Bond - The Post Purchase Company

Nir is a serial entrepreneur currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel, he founded his first startup at the age of 21. He is an industrial engineer and majored in information systems. His multi disciplinary background enabled him to operate in various projects in different fields. 
Nir was pioneering in building a crowdfunding platform in China that connected US designers to the local market by building a trusted network of worldwide distribution channels and partners and as expected from a cross border business, the project was funded by both American and Chinese VCs. 
Nir is currently advising startups in business strategy, product and fundraising alongside working on a new venture currently in stealth mode.

His favourite quote is: “You have to take opportunities and make an opportunity fit for you, rather than the other way around.” – Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO

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