Nick Plante

Managing Director, Developer, and Partner at dLab

Nick Plante is a product developer and software architect. He’s currently founder of Zerosum Labs (NTH), where they are working on developing new web and mobile experiences for communities. Previously, he was cofounder of Mogoterra (A Techstars company), where they developed a cloud-based cross-browser testing service, and Ubik Internet, a custom software development agency. In 2012, Nick helped found Wefunder and contributed to the US JOBS Act legislation that is shaping the future of equity crowdfunding. He is also involved in crowdfunding on a local sustainable level through his efforts as a board member at Seacoast Local and their community capital campaigns.

Nick is passionate about community, open source, and transparency. In addition to being a prolific OSS contributor, he has also created well-loved software infrastructure projects and Rails Rumble for the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems.

His favorite quote is, “The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks”, by Douglas Adams.

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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