Mikko Puhakka

Founding Partner, Lion Partners

Mikko is an amateur consultant and investor, rather than a professional. You may ask ‘why amateur’? With a noted track record reaching back 15 years, why would someone then refer to themselves as an amateur? 

 Amateurs in sports are – or at least used to be – held in the highest regard. Amateurs do what they do because of love, inspiration and passion for their specialty. This is what Mikko does. Amateurs don’t do their business for quick and easy money. Instead of living his life from paycheck to paycheck or project to project, he prefers to live adventure to adventure. As Hugh McLeod states ‘treat it like an adventure; an adventure worth sharing’.

Mikko is one of Chinaccelerator’s most active mentors engaging with the teams one-on-one. Given his lengthy background and consistently sage advice, he is an invaluable member of the team.

Specialties: Start-ups, Venture Capital, community driven businesses, mainly in Europe and China. I am available as a mentor, advisor or a board member.

Based in Beijing.

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