Michael Toedman

Managing Director, Soho Syndicate

    Michael Toedman is a global media and advertising executive with extensive experience and proven entrepreneurial skills to drive a growth business, or deliver new revenue in a large enterprise. Michael’s held senior commercial roles at Kantar/WPP, BusinessWeek, and Euromoney, and founded Soho Syndicate to consult for global media businesses and platforms delivering projects or retainer roles focused on international, digital and commercial strategy and execution. Michael has also served as an advisor for many start-ups, as well as retained roles focused on market entry, business development and sales growth.

    Michael’s also an industry leader who has served on the global board of the International Advertising Association (IAA), as President of the IAA in the UK and Hong Kong, and as consultant/advisor to many other major industry associations. Specialties include media, commercial and digital strategy, data management, social media, content marketing, international marketing, business development, executive events, sales management and sponsorship.

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