Maaike Doyer

Founder of Epic Angels

I am an entrepreneur, educator, and design strategist with a twisted love for numbers.

I studied math, had a career in M&A, and in the past decade I led a global design firm as the CFO / COO. I personally brought the company from Europe to the US where I founded and scaled our offices in San Francisco and New York. My company produced the famous business model canvas book, Business Model Generation. I supported hundreds of organizations of all sizes, all industries, and all geographies with their business model strategy.

My entrepreneurial heart is curious and always exploring new things. End 2020 I moved to Singapore to learn more from the Asian culture, and I launched my latest company within two months of moving.

You’ll get to know me as a very driven and enthusiastic person, who loves a good challenge. I am a systems thinker who translates complex issues into a pragmatic approach. My style is hands-on,
pro-active and I like to commit team-members to action and reach results.

Favourite Quote: “Stop the blah blah!” –  As you can see in my profile picture, I even use cards for this. People love talking, but in the end, it is about doing. Stop overanalyzing. Try something, learn from it, and do the next thing.





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