Lyle Fong


A serial entrepreneur turned investor, Lyle has founded and run multiple tech startups, including, Hobo Labs and Lithium Technologies, a social media software company.

Having bootstrapped Lithium since its inception to $10M in ARR, Lyle then raised over $180M in funding from VCs such as Benchmark and Shasta. Lithium made four acquisitions, including Klout, the inventors of the “Klout Score” to measure social media influence. With Lithium growing to more than 300 employees and generating $100M+ in subscription , the company was subsequently acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2017.

More recently, Lyle was a Partner at EQT Ventures, a European venture fund with over €1bn under management. Lyle was also a visiting partner at Y Combinator and is an active angel investor.

Favourite Quote: “do it well or don’t do it at all” – my dad

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