Liza Lichtinger

Psychologist, Wellness Tech Advisor and Strategic Business Coach

Liza Lichtinger, M.A is a one of the few Female Futurists (as listed on Ross Dawson’s list of top International Female Futurists), Psychologist, Wellness Tech advisor and strategic business coach for thought leaders and executives. The central intent of Liza remains to support the success in her clients waking, with integrity to their Authentic Self. Since 2008, she has led wellness retreats and workshops centered on the relationship resilience at the intersection of exponential technology and human (consumer) behavior both nationally and internationally and is a sought after practitioner in the correlation between well-being and the economy (as a NeuroEconomist). She obtained her masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Psychology, specializing her research in Psychotherapy in Human Digital Interaction and Mindfulness, holds a second degree in Human Capital Development from the ILR school at Cornell. Liza spent the first 25 years of her life with a student centered approach to living acquiring experience and knowledge uniting the external within, leading through insights and effective measures enabling others to recognize their own inborn wellbeing. 

His favourite quote is:“The price of anything, is the amount of life you exchange for it.”- Thoreau

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