Kevin Dewalt

Founder at ScribbleIQ

Kevin Dewalt (ManyWheels, Inc.) has been part of the startup ecosystem as a founder (4 startups), VC (20 startups) and mentor/advisor (a lot) for 15 years.

He has been an active advocate of the Lean Startup movement and worked with best minds in the business including Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Ash Maurya, and Alex Osterwalder to found and organize meetup groups (DC, Beijing), conduct workshops (Stanford, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon), and pre-accelerator StartupWeekend NEXT Beijing. As an Entrepreneur-In-Residence for the National Science Foundation (NSF) he mentored dozens of startups in industries as diverse as biotech, manufacturing, and enterprise/consumer software and helped NSF rollout the iCorps program with Steve Blank at Stanford.

An advocate for regenerative medicine, he also serves on Aubrey de Grey’s SENS Foundation’s board with members of the Peter Theil Foundation and philanthropist/entrepreneur Bill Liao.

Based in Beijing.

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