Karen T. Lin

Chief Experience Officer at BloomMe Hong Kong

Originally from Boston, Karen is a UX & consumer behavior consultant who invests in startup teams that are seeking user-validated insights. Now based in Taipei & Hong Kong, Karen has also mentored for ALPHA Camp, Lean Startup Machine, and Foxconn’s H.Spectrum startup teams. Karen’s background in Human Factors & Ergonomics (HFE) coupled with over 11 years in User Experience (UX) on e-commerce & app projects for Fortune 500 clients puts her in a unique position to take on the design challenges of a multi-channel, multi-platform world. Part consultant and part coach, Karen is also dedicated to empowering founders to become more skilful at validating ideas with real users and cultivating an intuition for identifying unmet consumer needs.

Her favourite quote is: “The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step outside the frame.” -Salman Rushdie

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