Jörn Helms

Senior Advisor, Bank of Taizhou

Jörn has been working in banking, especially in small business finance since the year 2000, first having worked for leading consultancy firms in the field, such as IPC GmbH and Business & Finance Consulting. During this time he worked several years in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. In 2005 he moved to China. For the first two years he was working in a project initiated by World Bank, KfW and implemented through China Development Bank. This project worked with many regional banks, such as Bank of Taizhou, Bank of Chongqing or Bank of Lanzhou. Jörn eventually left IPC GmbH to join Bank of Taizhou as Vice President. There he was responsible for credit risk assessment and credit card business as well as overseeing the new staff training and product development of the rapidly growing bank. In 2014 he moved to the role of senior advisor. He is also active in early stage investment.

Jörn is a graduate of Greifswald University and a holder of the Zhejiang Province Friendship Award. He is fluent in German, English, Chinese and Russian. He lives in China since 2005, now being based in Shanghai.


Favorite Quote: “Truth springs from argument amongst friends.” – David Hume

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