John Lin

Founder at Tilde and Grasshopper

Despite graduating as an engineer, John opted for the independent spirit and frenzy of the trading pits from Chicago to London to Singapore for 15 years.  When that mode was disrupted by electronic trading, John founded Grasshopper one of the only independent, private, proprietary firms in Asia with no clients and no outside investors.

Grasshopper trades several billion dollars in notional every month, employs ~65 technologists, and builds its own strategies and technologies.  The firm trades a wide breadth of instruments from derivative futures to stocks to crypto… but really they just solve and innovate through complex problems from coding for low-latency, to building resilient micro-structure, creating platforms for risk and data, executing agile and complexity leadership, to market making/taking strategies, etc.

John also has deep interest in societal improvements.  As such he invests in fringe but game changing endeavors from cryptocurrencies to plant-medicines to wellness & transformation.  Known to be a direct but compassionate leader, John’s main objective is to create stakeholder value and positive change.   Do not go to him if you want vanilla responses based on common perspectives.

Outside of professional life, John is an avid sportsman from kitesurfing to baseball to golf.  He splits his time between Singapore and Bali.

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