James Wei

Corporate Innovation Manager

James Wei is the Corporate Innovation Manager at Chinaccelerator and MOX, and is responsible for forging and maintaining close relationships with partner Fortune 500 companies.

Before joining Chinaccelerator, James worked as an Associate Producer at Desen International Media, managing and overseeing the entire progress of film and television projects from the initial script all the way to post-production. Prior to that, he worked and interned in Hollywood at 20th Century Fox, CBS, and DreamWorks and helped develop television shows. James is familiar with and has in-depth knowledge in the area of entertainment and media: from advertisement and product placements to agencies and digital media.

James holds an MBA from Tsinghua and MIT, and studied abroad at London Business School with a focus on venture capital and private equity. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California. 

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