Hei Cheng

Founder @ Halo Design and also worked as the Director of Innovation at vivo

A strong creative and system thinker, Hei works with clients to help them understand the innovation process and user-centered design, navigate and simplify complexities, express their brand personality and values. Having worked in the US and Asia for IDEO, W+K, Vivo, and Tencent. Hei brings invaluable, cross-cultural insights and understanding to his approach.

Hei has over 11 years of experience in innovation, brand marketing, and technology industries. Before joining IDEO, Hei developed his user-centered research skill and design thinking through participating in design projects for the hearing and visually impaired in London and Hong Kong with the Royal College of Art’s (RCA) Helen Hamlyn Center. Hei has also directed the first viral Kickstarter campaign video for Oru Kayak in San Francisco.

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” ― Bruce Lee

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