Florian Rustler

Founder of creaffective Munich

Florian is the founder of creaffective Munich (www.creaffective.de) and Asia (www.creaffective.com), a consulting company co-creating future-fit organizations. For 16 years he is been working with clients of all sizes and industries worldwide as a consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator on the topics of innovation, innovation management, innovation culture as well as agile organization and self-organization. Florian is helping startups with their innovation and experimentation approach. He also supports companies in a growth phase to introduce elements of self-organization and practices to collaborate and decide effectively at scale. This provides them with structure and management elements and at the same time allows them to keep their flexibility, dynamism, and entrepreneurial spirit. Florian studied in Munich, New York, and Taipei. He speaks German, English, and Mandarin. He is currently located in Taipei.

Favorite Quote: Ask for forgiveness not permission – Grace Hopper

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