Douglas Corley

Founder & CEO, DHB Global

Douglas is a Beijing-based healthcare entrepreneur who is the CEO and Founder of DHB Global, a biotech commercialization platform focused on bringing innovative healthcare solutions to their next stage of growth. He has 7 years combined as a researcher in PRC’s top biomedical labs and hospitals (CAS, 301 Hospital and PUMCH) and has been nominated to UNDP Greater China Innovation Council. He serves as digital health and biotech advisor and mentor for investment groups and NGOs: Endeavor Global, Antler, SOSV and Schwarzman Scholars. Douglas grew up in Omaha and was educated at Creighton University. After graduating in 2010 with a double degree in biomedical science and analytic philosophy, he moved to China to conduct basic science research in Beijing. 
He is also a performance-level pianist, competition-level poker player, former national competitor in Muay Thai, enthusiastic about finance and blockchain technology as well as self-development and SDGs.
His favorite quote isThink lightly of yourself and deeply of the world. (Miyamoto Musashi)
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