Damien J. Amey

Partner, Boundless 1 Ventures

Damien is a 3X founder and early stage executive who has helped scale businesses from inception through Series A financing and exit. Damien is enthusiastic about growing companies around a culture of magnetic people who are driven by innovative results. His domain expertise has ranged from data, entertainment, deep-tech, and beyond.

As a founding member of industry-leading Unfold Agency (UnfoldAgency.com), he built an international problem solving team ranging from full stack engineers, product designers, and strategists that powered Hollywood movie studios to produce beautiful display ads and drove government entities to overcome logistics, tech, design, product, budgetary, and political challenges. 

Damien also lead the worldwide integration and expansion of social listening data pioneer Booshaka into Fortune 500 brands and sports leagues looking to shape their company offerings closer to their customer’s motivations. Booshaka was acquired by Sprinklr.com – NYSE: CXM.

Damien would be happy to hear from you if you would like help in landing, expanding, and innovating your business, regardless of the sector, so long as you have the drive to make it magnetic. 

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