Cyril Ebersweiler

Partner, SOSV | Founder of Chinaccelerator & HAX | Mentor, 500 Startups | Mentor, TechStars

    Cyril is a venture partner at SOSV and the founder of 2 SOSV-backed accelerators in China. He built the first mentorship-driven seed funding program in China, Chinaccelerator, home of the Techcrunch Disrupt winner Orderwithme. He then went on to found HAX, an accelerator for hardware-related startups based in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley.

    He is mentoring at Techstars, 500startups, OnLab and East Ventures Alpha, an advisor to the Global Accelerator Network as well as a board member/advisor to a few startups including Leap Motion. He has been investing across the universe (and beyond) and helps entrepreneurs become truly global.

    Based in San Francisco.

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