Charissa Zheng

Content Editor

    Charissa Zheng is a passionate, ambitious and adventurous multimedia producer. Before joining SOSV as a Content Editor, she worked as a podcast/ video/ news producer for several large organizations including CNN, CGTN and Tokyo Broadcasting System. A native Chinese, Charissa went to NYU for college and the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University for her master degree.

    During her sophomore year at NYU, she studied abroad in London where she participated in the national discussion of Scottish Independence Referendum. The incident sparkled her interested in politics and a career in journalism and media at large. Charissa loves reading and traveling, and before COVID she has been to 30 countries including witnessing the poverty in North Korea, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the protest of the Catalonian Independence movement. Since last year she also got her interest in business management that her podcast about workplace has reached 250,000 downloads on Ximalaya platform.

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