Bethany Jeanfreau

Consultant, Campanile Management Consulting

Bethany Jeanfreau is a co-founder and partner in Paradigm Fitness Consulting.  

Bethany began her career in business in the USA where she worked for more than ten years in a small manufacturing company.  She was the special projects manager and sales manager before moving to China in 2011.  In Shanghai she began her career in corporate training and then management consulting. In 2013 she joined Campanile Management Consulting, a Shanghai-based team delivering communication, leadership and recruitment consulting services. Within this realm she focuses on the challenges that women face in the business world. With Paradigm she manages Paradigm Leadership focusing  on challenges individuals face on the path to leadership as well as team building.

Bethany prefers to be active in the international business community.  She is a partner/ board member for Image3D located in Oregon, USA.  With Paradigm is an active member of the International Professional Women’s society.  She also volunteers with the Girl Scouts.

Her favorite quote is: “If you were to kick the person in the pants who is responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month” -Theodor Roosevelt



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