Andrew Tan

Managing Partner, TinkBig Venture Limited

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and the founding partner in TinkBig Venture where he is Managing partner of the firm’s investment and management team. Prior to TinkBig , Andrew was the chief business development officer and a financial-services investor at Appshack Asia. While at Appshack, he led investments in seven startup deals with other co VC. Prior to that, Andrew was a private-equity investor where he regularly advised his limited Partners on private-equity deals and fund formation. Before that, he successfully listed his company at the MESDAQ Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Securities Exchange where he learned the intricacies of the stock market.


Andrew received his Master in Ecommerce from Queen Mary University London. Andrew has been featured in various publication and newspapers as an outstanding entrepreneur. His previous experience includes EBay UK, TESCO, MAVCAP and CGC Malaysia.

Favourite Quote –  “Entrepreneurship is not risky, being unprepared is risky. Know everything you can about what you are doing and you have to do what other’s don’t want to have the edge” Andrew Tan TinkBig Venture

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