Learn From Leaders With Tu Le

Tu Le

Founder and Managing Director of Sino Auto Insights

Tu Le is founder and Managing Director of Sino Auto Insights – a Beijing, China based business intelligence and advisory firm that specializes in helping transportation and mobility related companies develop tech-focused, innovative and transformative products and services that will shape the future of transportation. Recognized as an expert and thought leader in the space by respected media outlets such as CNN, Business Insider, Wired, Technode, the Financial Times and others.

Tu has spent time working at companies like GM, Ford and Apple  in the U.S. and China as well as consulting for China-based startups and has a BA from Michigan State University and MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Five Questions With Tu

Q1: One habit that helps you keep focused and productive

I’m old school in that I still write things down. My ‘to do’ list for the next day. Taking notes for a meeting. Anything that pulls me away from my computer for a few minutes. My retention and focus is better when I write things down.

Q2: One piece of advice for entrepreneurs in your industry

Start with belief. Back that up with hard work. Chase profitability and growth. Know accounting.

Q3: Something You’ve Changed Your Mind About in Your Career

That I wasn’t meant to be a ‘hunter.’ I’ve had to become one.

Q4: One Trait That You Would Like to See in People You Work With

I’ll give you two. People that are driven by their curiosity. Great communicators.

Q5: How Will COVID19 Disrupt Your Industry

It’s going to force companies to embrace technology when they weren’t necessarily ready. It blew up all their 5 yr strategy / business / capital planning & forecasts. They are scrambling to answer, ‘Now what?’

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