Learn From Leaders With Donald Ma

Donald Ma

Executive Consultant, Milestone|3

Passionate about inspiring the world to be a better place, Donald aligns with those of the same objective. Coming from a technology background, Donald believes that innovation will be the main factor in shaping the world. With this belief, Donald has dedicated his focus to empower the innovators for tomorrow.

With over 25 years of consulting experience, Donald has helped Executives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs unlock their potential and achieve more for themselves and their organizations. Whether it be through delivering winning pitch presentations, landing ideal clients, or inspiring their team’s performance – Donald has successfully helped clients achieve visible improvement. Donald’s secret to helping his clients succeed – By showing them how much they can improve, their confidence and motivation increases. From there on, excellence unravels.

Starting his career with Andersen Consulting in New York, Donald has helped establish and expand technology companies in Asia/Pacific since the Dot Com days. Donald has had the honor of working with organizations such as Arup, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks, and dtac, and looks forward to working with more innovators for tomorrow. Donald resides in Hong Kong and is fluent in English and Chinese.

Favourite Quote: “Progress = Happiness” – Anthony Robbins

Five Questions With Donald

Q1: One habit that helps you stay focused and productive

I exercise daily. Not only does it keep me healthy, but it also keeps me energized – which empowers one to stay focused and productive. I believe that one must master their body to master their life.

See you at the gym!

Q2: One of the most important lessons you learned from your career

Being grateful has been a lesson that I’ve been taught and a mindset that empowers me continuously move forward and persevere. Seeing what we have helps us to be resourceful. Valuing what can be done helps us to be productive. During times of crisis, practicing gratitude is even more important. You can’t be grateful and afraid at the same time.

Q3: One habit that has had the most impact on your life

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t. To maintain forward momentum and to continually grow, I reflect upon the moments when I don’t win – and ask myself “What did I learn?”

When we don’t Win, we Learn, and experience is what we Gain. This habit has become a way of life.


Q4: How did you get to where you are today?

By accident and by making mistakes.

I never thought I would be a professional facilitator/speaker/coach until I became one! And while my mission is to inspire executives towards greater success, I often share with them my stories of failure and mistakes. More importantly, I share with them these stories to give them valuable learnings – and the confidence to make their own mistakes and learn from them. And one day, someone else will ask them the same question – “How did you get to where you are today?”

Q5: Any advice you can offer on making decisions under pressure?

People often react under pressure and unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. In order to achieve more desirable outcomes, we need to stop reacting and start responding.

Reactions are immediate. Responses are thought-out. In order to respond while under pressure, think of the outcome you want to achieve. Think of the resources that would help or the people that could advise. Stay focused on what is within our control.

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