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G-Commerce Shanghai is a part of Genetsis Group which is one of the first E-commerce and digital marketing service providers of Western Europe.

Social Media Intern 新媒体运营实习生


  • According to the brand products, provide the preliminary research report, including the social media volume and channel research of the competitive brands
  • Ability to understand brand strategy copywriting topics, recommend suitable KOLs, brand cooperation or offline activities according to the brand strategy
  • According to the schedule, complete effective exposure cooperation under budget control,Follow up and report cooperation progress, including budget report, deadline, sample tracking, etc
  • Assist in online social activities: execute, track and report to superiors
  • Assist in the customization of strategy, content creation and helping delivery of content to different social channels. Ensure consistency of customer brand concepts across all channels
  • Assist the superior in project management, communicating with customers directly, publicizing and reporting work, and ensuring the correct implementation and realization of KPI targets


  • 根据品牌的产品提供初步的调研报告包括:竞争品牌的媒体声量,渠道等调研
  • 理解品牌战略文案话题, 根据品牌战略推荐合适的KOL,品牌合作或线下活动
  • 根据计划表,在预算控制下完成有效的曝光合作,跟进和汇报合作进展,包含预算汇报,执行期限,样品追踪等
  • 协助在线社交活动:执行、跟踪和报告给上级
  • 协助定制策略、内容创作,并帮助将内容传递到不同的社交渠道。确保在所有渠道确保客户品牌理念的一致性
  • 负责辅助上级对项目的管理、直接与客户沟通、宣传和报告工作, 确保正确执行和实现KPI目标



  • Experience in advertising/digital/social media.
  • Understand brand culture and brand uniqueness to make them competitive
  • Familiar with the application of domestic social media, UGC and e-commerce tools (such as weibo, WeChat, chattering, KOL, Zhihu etc.)
  • Honest and reliable, responsible, positive and optimistic
  • Maintain and assist superior to develop network media channels, and control the cost of media channels
  • Must have good communication and expression skills, like teamwork, pleasant and talkative
  • Fluency in English is a plus


  • 在广告/数字/社交媒体的经验
  • 理解品牌文化和品牌独特性,使他们具有竞争力
  • 熟悉国内社交媒体,UGC和电子商务工具的运用,(如微博,微信,抖音,KOL, 知乎等)
  • 诚实可靠,有责任心,积极乐观
  • 维护并协助上级开发网络媒体渠道,控制媒体渠道成本
  • 必须有良好的沟通和表达能力,喜爱团队合作,愉快和健谈
  • 英文流利视为加分项       



G-Commerce Shanghai is a part of Genetsis Group which is one of the first E-commerce and digital marketing service providers of Western Europe.

We are providing market research, strategy design, execution, reporting, data-analysis and follow-up to make possible and optimize the investment on the e-commerce and digital communication of European companies in the complex digital Chinese ecosystem (including Alibaba, WeChat,,, Weibo, etc…). Meanwhile, being the one-shop partner for Chinese and European companies to operate their e-commerce and digital communication in Europe.

Our emphasis on open communication, developing a diverse work force, and a philosophy of shared rewards. Welcome to Genetsis Shanghai office, it is a great place to build your career and enrich your life.






Our office is at Wework The Center, a dynamic environment for creativity, focus, and collaboration.


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