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Sophie Society – Head of Content

Sophie Society is an Amazon optimization company that supports sellers and brands to grow their business on the platform. From getting more traffic (PPC, launches, and promotions) to boosting conversions (listing optimization, photo/video generation, EBC creation), we leave no stone unturned and consistently uncover strategies that lead to massive success on Amazon.  At our very core, we are truth finders and we take a data-driven approach to whatever we do – by trying, testing, refining, and evolving our solutions many times over to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We have a strong and unique tight culture of extreme accountability, personal growth, transparency, playfulness, fun, leadership development, cooperation, and community. We are looking for people who share these values to add to our small but growing loyal Sophie family.

As of now, we’re still a small, agile team of 10+ excited about growing our world-class Amazon management, PPC, and Listing Content divisions, so we are currently on the lookout for a suitable candidate with a well-established operational leadership background, an excellent track record of aligning art direction, design and strategy for exceptional results and proven success in forming and managing productive remote teams, to lead our listing content division. 

Ecommerce and/or Amazon Experience is also highly preferred.

Role Description:

The primary function of this role is to effectively oversee the scaling of the fulfillment of visual content and listing optimizations purchased by customers of the business. The Head of Content is responsible for ensuring that all of the content departments’ offerings meet stringent quality standards and deadlines allowing Sophie Society to achieve its quarterly and yearly goals and maintain its position as a market leader in Amazon listing development.

Aside from enforcing QA and maximizing efficiency, the Head of Content is also responsible for scaling the division’s output and growing its team of freelance designers, copywriters, photographers, videographers etc. Process refinement and product development will also take centerstage in this role, and you will be expected to routinely audit or develop new project workflows, conduct market research and a competitor analysis on service offerings, upgrade or adapt design templates, define templates, create SOPs, Asana structures, typeforms, team briefs and trackers based on findings. 

The ideal candidate is also expected to host daily meetings with the team’s internal resources and maintain consistent communication with its external resources to understand and overcome challenges, seek and seize new opportunities and most importantly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Note: As you will be working alongside a remote team based in different time zones, please take into consideration that a high level of communication and responsiveness is a must to qualify for this position. 

This is a remote working position.

Responsibilities (Tasks associated with the Role)


  • Strategy:
    • Setting Scaling Goals in line with the organization’s growth plan and crafting strategies and processes necessary to hit these goals on a yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly basis.
    • Communicating these goals with the Head of Sales and leadership team to ensure alignment in the organization.
    • Overseeing the divisions P&L statement and identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
    • Creating the plan of action and implementing the processes/workflows and tools necessary to execute any/all strategies developed.
    • Laying out the timelines, meeting rhythms, and the management structure needed to hit content scaling goals and meet the weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets.
    • Nurturing and maximizing partnerships (cross promotion, affiliate, white label etc) to support the sales team.
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction on both the service provided and overall experience to drive repeat purchases that increase sales. 
    • Developing innovative solutions to combat challenges that hinder the content team’s deliverables tied to the organization’s growth plan.


  • Management
    • Overseeing the performance/ productivity of the content team and freelancers and communicating job expectations.
    • Ensuring accurate tracking of  project delivery, cost, conversion, and customer satisfaction metrics
    • Breaking down daily and weekly tasks for the team and delegating them in Asana
    • Holding the team accountable for the completion of those tasks within the stipulated due date.
    • Aligning with freelancers to understand our processes, tools, workflows, and company goals.
    • Conducting audits and reviews of processes and workflows to increase efficiency.
    • Serving as the primary point of contact when there are customer issues related to quality, customer service.
    • Communicating customer issues with the content team and leading the charge in improving the overall customer experience.
  • Creative
    • Conducting research on developments/trends in the industry that are related to the department.
    • Working with the freelance designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers that make up the content team to improve and innovate our current content offerings.
    • Enhancing the training of the freelancer team to deliver top quality services that exceed industry standards.
    • Developing new services, pricing models, workflows, templates, and more with the team to expand output and services.


  • Leadership 
    • Leading the weekly/Daily Sync meetings for the Content Team
    • Ensuring other departments are aware of the content team’s capabilities and limitations.
  • Forecasting Target KPI’s associated with the content department.
  • Supplying the Finance team with payment trackers for the freelancers involved in the team and setting up a process to ensure payments are reviewed, approved and released bi-weekly. 
  • Analyzing variances in invoices and initiating corrective actions with the Finance team.
  • Identifying and deciding on recruiting decisions necessary for the scaling of the content department. 

To be considered for this amazing opportunity, you must: 

  • Be a Native English Language Speaker and Writer.
  • Possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Have at least 5+ years of experience in Business Management, Marketing, communications, Graphic Design or eCommerce
  • Be familiar with popular project management, communication and/or graphic design tools such as Asana, Slack, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
  • Be Highly tech literate with the ability to master Amazon tools quickly
  • Have Experience managing design teams or design projects for small/large brands.
  • Possess at least a basic knowledge of Ecommerce Design criteria and or Amazon’s TOS/Listing content requirements – in particular when it comes to the type of visual content that makes up a product detail page and what classifies as well-optimized i.e. Product Photosets, Infographics, EBC/A+ etc 
  • *A strong design background or direct experience with Amazon Brands is highly preferred.


It is also preferred if the ideal candidate has:


  • Management experience with remote working teams.
  • A methodical approach at tracking data (reporting), measuring progress, and setting initiatives.
  • Effective communication skills with critical thinking / problem-solving abilities.
  • A service-oriented and customer-focused mindset
  • Proficiency in Helium10, Google Sheet (Automations), Hubspot, Freshdesk, Loom and Xero.
  • A high degree of discipline and is highly motivated by a deeper purpose
  • The ability to adapt, think on his/her feet, outside the box, and act fast and responsibly.
  • Operational expertise and a background in service fulfillment. 
  • A keen eye for detail and deadlines.
  • A Background in research and development
  • Awareness of Sales principles and the necessity of aligning operations with them.
  • A Motivating and Inspiring approach to leadership


  • Sliding scale compensation per month based on hitting performance metrics
  • 21 Working Days Annual Leave Provided
  • Salary will be Bi-Monthly and paid on the 15th and 28th-30th of each month.
  • There will be a performance-based increment in the base salary once per year and a performance bonus each quarter.

Note from CEO Chris Rawlings:

  • If you KNOW with 100% certainty and conviction, that you are THE person for this position and you were BORN to join the Sophie team through this role, find a way to contact me directly. 

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