E-Commerce Operation Manager 电子商务运营经理



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G-Commerce Shanghai is a part of Genetsis Group which is one of the first E-commerce and digital marketing service providers of Western Europe.


G-Commerce Shanghai is a part of Genetsis Group which is one of the first E-commerce and digital marketing service providers of Western Europe.

We are providing market research, strategy design, execution, reporting, data-analysis and follow-up to make possible and optimize the investment on the e-commerce and digital communication of European companies in the complex digital Chinese ecosystem (including Alibaba, WeChat, JD.com, Weibo, etc…). Meanwhile, being the one-shop partner for Chinese and European companies to operate their e-commerce and digital communication in Europe.

Our emphasis on open communication, developing a diverse work force, and a philosophy of shared rewards. Welcome to Genetsis Shanghai office, it is a great place to build your career and enrich your life.





E-Commerce Operation Manager 电子商务运营经理

European Ecommerce Services company for Global retail Clients. We are the industry expert in developing go-to-market strategies and executing them from business set-up to daily management of our clients’ brands in China. 为全球零售客户服务的欧洲电子商务服务公司。我们是中国市场战略制定和执行的行业专家,从业务建立到客户的品牌日常管理。

Job Description 岗位描述

E-commerce management 电商管理

  • China Go To Market Strategy: 进入中国市场策略:
  1. a) Proposing the right e-commerce operation and e-commerce promotion strategy and plan


  1. b) Choosing the best and most suitable Chinese e-platforms


  1. c) Setting all targets ,has experience of managing the

设置所有目标 有团队管理经验

  • Develop and manage all e-market place activities 开发和管理所有电商活动:
  1. a) Develop sales and e-commerce forecasts


  1. b) Based on sales targets, sell-through performance and market trends, merchandise (width, depth, size run) respective seasonal products, develop product flow, align pricing and product range with Brand(s)

China distributor (if relevant), and place product orders for e-commerce stores 根据销售目标、销售业绩和市场趋势,根据季节产品(宽度、深度、尺寸),开发产品流程,与中国品牌分销商(如有相关)协调定价和产品范围,并为电商门店下单

  1. c) Manage user interface maintenance, site look and feel and display in accordance to sales and

marketing targets 根据销售和市场目标管理用户界面维护,网站外观和视觉

  1. d) Manage all the E-commerce platform marketing tools and media buying and equivalent tools in other

market places 管理所有营销工具和媒体采购,以及其他市场的相关工具

  1. e) Effectively develop promotion campaigns to manage inventory


  1. f) Ensure creation and management of necessary product information by the social media team


The Successful Applicant 申请条件

  • Through five+ years’ experience within an E-commerce operation environment, you must be able to

demonstrate achievement over time in the following areas:

  • 通过在电子商务运营环境中五年以上的工作经验,你必须能够在以下几个领域展示你的成就:
  • Tmall / JD /WECHAT/com hands on experience 5 years ,yitiao/vip/red book /hands on experience 1

year+ 天猫/京东/微信等 5 年以上经验,一条/唯品会/小红书一年以上经验

  • Data driven planning, being able to balance between sales and profit 数据驱动计划,能够平衡销售和利润
  • B2C distribution & retail dealer management experience is a must 有 B2C 分销和零售经销商管理经验者优先
  • Preferred Retail background, purpose is to make sure the candidate understands of consumer centric spirit and deliver brand image while remaining operational excellence 有零售背景优先,了解以消费者为中心的精神,在保持卓越运营的同时传递品牌形象
  • Excellent project management skills: being able to handle multiple tasks at the same time 优秀的项目管理


  • Strong retail business sense and knowledgeable in ecommerce market development in China 对中国电子商务市场的发展有较强的零售商业意识和知识
  • Solid product knowledge with experience in merchandising 具有扎实的产品知识和销售经验
  • Experience in developing marketing budgets and sales budgets 有开发市场预算和销售预算的经验
  • Good command of English (spoken and written) 良好的英语听说读写能力
  • Able and willing to work in a medium size organization where versatility is a must and where one is asked

to multitask. Can take initiatives 能够并愿意在中型初创企业工作,能够同时进行多项工作并且积极主动

  • High level of integrity and loyalty 高度的诚信和忠诚

What’s On Offer 我们提供

Competitive Salary and bonus 具有竞争力的工资和奖金 Industry leading platform 行业领先的平台

European company with offices in Madrid, San Francisco, Mexico and Shanghai 欧洲公司,在马德里、旧金山、墨西哥和上海设有办事处

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