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G-commerce providing market research, strategy design, execution, reporting, data-analysis and follow-up to make possible and optimize the investment on the e- commerce and digital communication of European companies in the complex digital Chinese ecosystem (including Alibaba, Wechat,,, Weibo, etc…). Also on the contrary, being the one-shop partner for Chinese and European companies to operate their e-commerce and digital communication in Europe.

G-commerce 为欧洲公司提供市场调研、战略设计、执行、报告、数据分析和跟踪,在复杂的数字中国生态系统(包括阿里巴巴、微信、京东、唯品会、微博等)电子商 务和数字通信方面的投资成为可能和优化。与此同时反向的,作为中国和欧洲公司在欧洲运营电子商务和数字通信业务的一站式商店合作伙伴。加入我们的团队吧,带你 领略非同寻常的电商时尚之旅。


Data Engineer 数据工程师

– Report to Data Director
– Data exploitation: defining and distributing data to data analysts and managers in a useful and useable format. Develop tools to gather more specific data to support business needs and build infrastructures with IT development engineer.
– Data modeling: define, develop and deliver reports and tools to facilitate cross-functional departments
– Data maintenance: cooperate with IT development engineer on updating data warehouse, defining data architecture, consistent update
– 向数据总监报告
– 数据挖掘:以可用格式有效定义数据并将数据分发给数据分析师和经理。开发工具,收集更具体的数据来
支持业务需求,并和 IT 开发工程师一起构建基础设施。
– 数据建模:定义、开发和交付报告和工具,以促进跨职能部门的工作
– 数据维护:配合 IT 开发工程师更新数据仓库,定义数据架构,持续更新

Qualifications 职位要求
– Bachelor’s degree or above in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related majors.
– 3+ years experience with Java, Python. Familiarity with SQL.
– Working knowledge of SQL and relational database.
– Knowledge of Retail and/or E-commerce is preferred.
– Knowledge of Tableau, QlikView or other data visualization, and Selenium or other data mining experience is beneficial.
– 计算机科学、软件工程或相关专业本科以上学历
– 3 年以上 Java Python 开发经验,熟悉 SQL
– 具备零售和/或电子商务知识者优先
– 熟悉 Tableau、QlikView 或其他数据可视化,有 Selenium 或其他数据挖掘经验者优先

We are providing data model platform, e-commerce operations, digital marketing services and strategy consulting.
We believe in open communication, developing a diverse work force, and a philosophy of shared rewards.
Welcome to Genetsis Shanghai office, it is a great place to build your career and enrich your life.

Our office is at Jingan area, the Center, a dynamic environment for creativity, focus, and collaboration.
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