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Posted 2 years ago

Customer Success Manager
We are looking for a Customer Success Manager to join our Data team to go above and beyond for our customers. As an advocate and supporter of our customers, our Customer Success Manager will maintain close relationship with our customers, gain insight into their needs, continue to promote the depth and breadth of our
products used on their side, and help them get the most out of our products. Through the efforts of our Customer Success Managers, we can continuously optimize our products and customer experience, and become a quality partner to benefit our customers growth.

 Responsible for customer lifecycle management, including requirements analysis, product delivery, technical training, daily question answering, etc.
 Effective time and project management based on customer needs, coordinating with internal teams to smoothly move projects forward and ensuring customer satisfaction.
 Commanding deep knowledge of the company's products and services, maintaining close communication with customers, understanding their business development and product usage, and maximizing the value of the company's products to customers.
 Collecting, collating and analyzing customer problems and feedback, continuously exploring the combination of customer needs and the company's technology/products, and driving the data team to continuously improve the product.
 Maintaining and managing customers, establishing good long-term relationships with them, promoting them to make additional purchases and renewals, etc.

 More than 2 years of customer service experience in IT project management or TO B software system, able to accurately understand customer intent and control customer requirements.
 Have some technical knowledge related to big data, be able to quickly understand the underlying architecture and implementation principles of the company's products, quickly locate customer problems and propose solutions in time.
 Excellent sense of customer service, good skills of logical thinking, communication and coordination, strong abilities to active learning and research.
 Background in databases, data development, data analysis preferred.
 Knowledge of Power BI, Tableau, QlikView or other data visualization tools preferred.
 Experience in E-commerce, digital marketing industries preferred.

 Bachelor degree or above, preferably in computer science, software engineering or other related majors;
 Sufficient to use English as working language, proficient in listening, reading, speaking and writing.

G-Commerce Shanghai is a part of Genetsis Group which is one of the first E-commerce and digital marketing service providers of Western Europe. We are an online business partner that utilizes a proprietary AI-powered business intelligence model that drives our fully integrated e-commerce and digital marketing multiplatform operations for global brands with a global team of experts, we are helping brands to maximize their performance across all social media channels and eCommerce platforms to boost sales, increase profits, and outperform their competitors. We are providing data model platform, e-commerce operations, digital marketing services and strategy consulting. We believe in open communication, developing a diverse work force, and a philosophy of shared rewards. Welcome to
Genetsis Shanghai office, it is a great place to build your career and enrich your life.

Our office is at Jing an area, Anken, a dynamic environment for creativity, focus, and collaboration.

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