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G-commerce providing market research, strategy design, execution, reporting, data-analysis and follow-up to make possible and optimize the investment on the e- commerce and digital communication of European companies in the complex digital Chinese ecosystem (including Alibaba, Wechat,,, Weibo, etc…). Also on the contrary, being the one-shop partner for Chinese and European companies to operate their e-commerce and digital communication in Europe.

G-commerce 为欧洲公司提供市场调研、战略设计、执行、报告、数据分析和跟踪,在复杂的数字中国生态系统(包括阿里巴巴、微信、京东、唯品会、微博等)电子商 务和数字通信方面的投资成为可能和优化。与此同时反向的,作为中国和欧洲公司在欧洲运营电子商务和数字通信业务的一站式商店合作伙伴。加入我们的团队吧,带你 领略非同寻常的电商时尚之旅。


Business Insights Analyst 商业分析师

General role:
The Business Insights Analyst will work with the Data Team on gathering insights and analyzing data for reports and dashboards for the client deliverables. They are also responsible for coordinating all information sources that the company is receiving for its data analytics tools.

This analyst must be good with working with Data and able to organize all of the company’s information sources and finding insights within the data. The Business Insights Analyst will also learn to use softwares for advanced data analytics and apply this for business research.

商业分析师将与数据团队合作,收集见解并分析报告和仪表板的数据,以便交付客户。他们还负责协调公司为其数据分析工具接收的所有信息源。这个分析师必须善于处理数据, 能够组织公司的所有信息源并在数据中发现见解。商业分析师还将学习使用软件进行高级数据分析,并将其应用于商业研究。
– The Business Insights Analyst is organized and capable of managing many sources of data and organizing them for management
– The Analyst must work as the bridge between the Data team and the Client to make sure that all of the data being received is understandable to the client and can be
reported frequently.
– In addition, the business insights analyst will also work on projects with the data team to improve the delivery of the solutions

– Recently Graduated from a University with a specialization in Business, Information Systems, or a Business/Analytics related field.
– Knows how to use creativity to get insights with data and reports them well.
– Ability to discuss with the clients about all of the company’s insights from our tools
– Minumum 1 year related job experience, can include internships.
– Previous experience in e-commerce is preferred.
– Previous experience with working with analytics tools such as Power BI, Python and SQL is preferred.

– This role requires reporting in English the data trends using Powerpoint and designing slides to show the client.
– Knowledge of data visualization is a plus.
– Excellent English is essential.
-至少 1 年相关工作经验,包括实习。
-有使用 powerbi、Python 和 SQL 等分析工具的经验者优先。
-这个角色需要用英语报告数据趋势,使用 Powerpoint 和设计幻灯片向客户展示。

We are providing data model platform, e-commerce operations, digital marketing services and strategy consulting.

We believe in open communication, developing a diverse work force, and a philosophy of shared rewards. Welcome to Genetsis Shanghai office, it is a great place to build your career and enrich your life.

Our office is at Jingan area, the Center, a dynamic environment for creativity, focus, and collaboration.
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