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We accept and review applications on a rolling basis.  But if you are looking to join our next batch, don’t wait! The deadline for Batch 20 ends at 23:59, August 6th, 2021 (GMT+8). The program for Batch 20 will start in September 2021.

Chinaccelerator is an SOSV startup development program that not only invests in promising startups but also through its mentor- and data-driven accelerator program helps startups build real business across China and Asia.

SOSV is a leading early-stage venture fund with $970m assets under management. In 2019, SOSV was named #2 most active angel and seed investors in the world, according to Crunchbase.

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Why should you have us as an investor?

Chinaccelerator is a venture capital firm and accelerator but above all, we are a community of entrepreneurs, founders, startups, mentors, and partners who come together to help everyone succeed.

Once you become part of our batch, you also become part of our community of 450 mentors, 1,900+ founders, and partners who guide you towards a data-driven sustainable business, helping you and your team succeed. 

From validation to iteration, to fundraising, Chinaccelerator is with you for every step of the journey, under the able leadership of William Bao Bean and Oscar Ramos

The entire Chinaccelerator team has an international background mirroring the cross-border ambitions of our portfolio companies. We bring a diverse understanding of different markets and business methodologies. 

We are the cross-border experts who are committed to helping startups whether they are overseas companies entering the Chinese market, or Chinese companies going global.





中国加速拥有一支国际化的团队。团队的国际化背景意味着对不同市场的多样理解,因此,中国加速的优势还在于跨境。在我们的合伙人和董事总经理William Bao BeanOscar Ramos的领导力下,我们致力于帮助海外创业公司进入中国市场,帮助外国创始人学习中国市场中的最佳实践和经验;也帮助中国公司走向全球,与跨国企业建立联系,并学习全球领先的创业方法论。

What are we looking for in startups?

Chinaccelerator focuses on the internet sector, but we are industry agnostic. Our investment areas include but are not limited to, e-commerce, fintech, data marketing, edtech, healthcare, and entertainment. We tend to invest during the Angel/Seed round or Pre-A round, with fewer investments in Series A and later stages. 

We believe in data and real market feedback, so we require a viable product with a certain number of users and clients to apply for our program.  

A big focus of our selection process is the team behind the company. Anyone can find a problem. Other entrepreneurs are probably working on the same solution as you. But not every team has the capability to effectively implement a solution. We expect that founders should respect the importance of the process and not only focus on results. We look for people who will not be discouraged when faced with challenges but perceive them as valuable experiences.

In short, we are looking not only for the best solutions but also for the best entrepreneurs. 






What do we offer?

We offer US$150,000 investment and a 3+3 month program to provide you with knowledge, connections and resources you are in need of. 

Your entire team needs to be in Shanghai for the full duration of the program. It’s the best way for our team and mentor network to help you during this critical period of growth, and for you to access all of the advantages that Chinaccelerator provides.

Learn about the full offerings of the Chinaccelerator program here.





Application Deadline

The deadline for Batch 20 is 23:59, August 6th, 2021 (GMT+8). The number of investments in each batch is limited. Therefore, the sooner you apply, the more time we have to review, and the more likely we will appreciate the value of your project. Applications received after the deadline will automatically be considered for the next batch (i.e. Batch 21). 

If you do not intend to apply for Batch 20, please mark that you are interested in participating in Batch 20 (or others) on the application form.

The application for the next Batch will be opened immediately after the current program starts, and the new application deadline will be updated on the website.





Application Process

If your company passes the first round of screening, we will contact you for further interviews and meetings and move to the decision stage. 

Each year, we receive over 1000 applications from around the world. Chinaccelerator accepts 2 batches every year, with 10-15 investments per batch. The acceptance rate is less than 2%!

We will not accept you if we feel that our investment and accelerator program are not the best fit for your company at the current stage. However, we do encourage you to stay within our community and participate in our events.

Try answering these questions to determine if you are ready for the program.

If you have any questions, please contact cateam@chinaccelerator.com, or add SOSV WeChat Helper (WeChat ID: sosvhero) on WeChat, and we will reply as soon as we can.






任何问题,欢迎联系cateam@chinaccelerator.com,或添加SOSV WeChat Helper(WeChat ID: sosvhero)为微信好友,我们会尽快回复。

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