Corporate Case Studies | How Startups Impact the Insurance and MedTech Industry

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To many corporate observers, the startup world is daunting. Startups work at lightning-fast speeds, operate without oversight, and lack the typical structures of established companies. These differences, along with many other mismatches, render many corporate-startup relationships obsolete.

In order to address this gap, the Corporate Innovation team at Chinaccelerator has been releasing case studies detailing some of the most interesting and effective corporate partnerships from startups in the Chinaccelerator portfolio. Each case study will explore a successful corporate-startup partnership, demonstrating the potential of such business relationships.

In this particular release, two separate case studies focus on how two different startups impacted two multinational corporations. The two different cases studies describe an automated insurance claims-processing platform (MotionsCloud) and a business leadership and executive coaching platform (GloCoach).

The first case explores how MotionsCloud was able to help IMT Insurance* reduce their claim leakage through a more efficient claims process. MotionsCloud, a modern solution for insurance companies, offers an automated mobile technology that processes claims in a more streamlined manner. In this partnership, IMT Insurance saved an average of 1.5 hours of labor per case in claims processes, increasing productivity and enabling them to shift their focus to more prominent claims.

The second case study explores GloCoach’s partnership with a major MedTech company, New England Health.* New England Health was experiencing major communication issues between mid-level staff in their China operations with more senior employees in the US, which was damaging their efficiency and culture. So, the corporation turned to GloCoach, a SaaS platform that drives individual and corporate change through 1-on-1 coaching programs empowered by data. During GloCoach’s partnership, New England Health was able to see remarkable improvements in communication and behavior, and the corporate culture drastically improved in their China department.

* Company name changed for privacy purposes.

To read each case study in full, click the following links:

The Chinaccelerator corporate innovation team works to address the gaps between startups and corporations. If your company is looking to improve its innovation strategies, contact to get in touch and check out the corporate innovation program.

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