3:00-6:00 PM (GMT+8), MAY 25th (Wed), 2022

Chinaccelerator Demo Day 21

Join Asia’s leading venture capital firms at SOSV Chinaccelerator’s investor-exclusive virtual demo day on May 25, and get the first look at 8 breakthrough startups from Asia, MENA-Pakistan as well as Latin America. Operating in quick commerce, healthcare, mobility, entertainment and fintech⁠, the startups chosen for this cohort are changing the way we shop, play and dine while eliminating billion-dollar inefficiencies in traditional industries.

Chinaccelerator is a deeply resourced startup development program for enterprise-tech and consumer-tech, with over 240 corporate partners and 100M consumers in our ecosystem. The program is part of SOSV, a US venture capital fund with US$1.2 billion in assets under management and over 1120 portfolio companies as of April 2022. SOSV’s internet portfolio includes crypto-product trading platform BitMEX, Google-backed AI English pronunciation assistant ELSA, Samsung-backed video publisher Flickstree, APAC’s online tutoring platform Snapask, and China’s luxury brand management group Ushopal.

Investor – Join Demo Day Online | Invite-Only

The virtual networking event, with 1:1 startup booths, is open to vetted investors only. Please indicate your interest by selecting “Attending Online – Zoom Meeting.” Vetted investors will receive an official invitation from Chinaccelerator.


全球知名投资机构 SOSV Chinaccelerator ( 中国加速 )主办的 第 21 期 SOSV 中国加速路演日即将在 5月25日线上启动 !火热报名通道已开启 !欢迎关注全球科技创新创业的投资人、创业者、媒体与机构踊跃报名参加 !
本次路演日,将有来自亚洲、中东、非洲和拉丁美洲的 8 家科技型创新项目参加路演,他们分别专注于快商务、医疗保健、移动出行、娱乐和金融科技等垂直行业领域,致力于改变目标客户在购物、娱乐、餐饮等方面的消费方式,并通过创新科技手段和商业模式消除传统行业因低效能而导致的上亿美元损失。
SOSV Chinaccelerator ( 中国加速 )是一家拥有丰富创业项目发展资源,专注于企业和消费技术的投资机构,其生态拥有超 1亿用户及 240 家大企业合作伙。SOSV Chinaccelerator ( 中国加速 )是美国知名风险投资基金 SOSV 布局全球助力初创企业发展项目的组成部分之一。 截止至 2022 年 4 月,SOSV 管理 12 亿美元资产,投资超 1120 家创业公司。SOSV 投资的互联网企业包括加密产品交易平台 BitMEX、谷歌 ( google ) 支持的人工智能英语发音助手 ELSA、三星 ( Samsung ) 支持的视频出版商 Flickstree、亚太在线辅导平台 Snapask 以及中国奢侈品牌管理集团 Ushopal。



与初创企业的1:1线上交流仅面向投资人开放。请在报名表上选择您的参与方式“ Attending Online – Zoom Meeting”。被审核通过的投资人将收到来自中国加速的正式邀请函。

Chinaccelerator Demo Day 21 Startups


esports xo chinaccelerator 21

Esports XO


India’s esports SaaS platform that enables game publishers and brands to launch custom tournaments.


位于印度的电子竞技 SaaS 平台,帮助游戏发行商和品牌方推出定制化比赛。

lorryz chinaccelerator 21



MENA-Pakistan’s freight network that connects cargo owners with trucking companies for on-demand transportation solutions




(South Korea)

AI solution for students in Korea to find the most suitable colleges and majors


提供 AI 技术和解决方案,致力于帮助韩国学生匹配最适合的大学及专业。

Mi Doc Online


LatAm’s app for video consultations with trusted medical professionals anywhere in the world



moveit pakistan chinaccelerator 21



Fleet-management solution to Pakistan’s intra-city logistics problems



smartbite chinaccelerator 21



Tech-enabled B2B solutions for corporate catering, trusted by Southeast Asia’s biggest MNCs


一家 B2B 食品解决方案技术公司,为团体和企业客户提供定制化技术解决方案。

trikl chinaccelerator 21



Pakistan’s personal-finance app for millennials to save, invest, and play to earn



InstaWorld chinaccelerator 21



Quick-commerce solution to optimize last-mile deliveries in Pakistan .


致力于为巴基斯坦物流货运提供快速和高效完成 “最后一英里” 的商务解决方案。

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