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The China Startup Pulse Podcast is an original weekly podcast for anyone interested interested in China’s innovation, business, and tech landscape. We showcase entrepreneurial stories, present key teachings from thought leaders, and analyze the strategy of the big tech giants.

Backed by Chinaccelerator, the first accelerator in Asia, we understand firsthand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in China — the struggle, the elation, the craziness, and the thrill of success. With that in mind, this podcast offers real, practical, and outside-of-the-box insights.

The China Startup Pulse is hosted by Oscar Ramos, Ryan Shuken and William Bao Bean, hackers and hustlers with years of experience in China’s startup scene.

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Your Hosts

Oscar Ramos

Partner at SOSV and Managing Director at Chinaccelerator

William Bao Bean

General Partner at SOSV and Managing Director at Chinaccelerator & MOX

Ryan Shuken

Managing Partner at Lean Venture Partners &

Latest Episodes

How to Succeed in China B2B with Olivier d’Arros, Investor and Serial Entrepreneur

Navigating the world of B2B in China is tough business, especially when you are dealing with giant state-owned enterprises. It can be even more difficult when you are foreigner. As a result, most foreign entrepreneurs focus on the B2C space, yet a few have found the key to creating successful B2B companies.

One of these businesspeople is today’s guest, Olivier d’Arros. Olivier started his career in venture capital, and then co-founded 4 technology companies, all in B2B applications. He is now Managing Partner at MAVIE Technologies, an investment banking boutique with a focus on cross-border transactions in healthtech and industry 4.0.Read full show notes.

How China’s Beating the West in Innovation with Richard Turrin, FinTech expert, author of “Innovation Lab Excellence” and former head of IBM’s Cognitive Studio

To many people in the West, China is thought of as a copyer rather than an innovator. However, according to today’s guest Richard Turrin, there are many areas in which China is out-innovating even the most advanced Western countries. Richard says “Innovation is really about people and how they relate to new technologies,” and in China both companies and people develop and adopt new technologies at an astonishing rate—they are “some of the best users of technology on the planet.”

This innovation isn’t only happening on the tech side, but also in the corporate space. Richard is the former head of IBM’s Cognitive Studio and author of the book ‘Innovation Lab Excellence’, with over 20 years experience in innovation in both China and the West. During this conversation, he also shares insights on why innovation labs become ineffective. Big corporates all around the world are spending massive amounts of resources to connect with startups. Yet, there are still doubts about the tangible impact of many innovation labs. Read full show notes.

Investigating Live Streaming with Hao Wu, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker

Every technology has a human impact. Live streaming is certainly no exception. In China, live streaming platforms have connected millions of viewers with a small number of idols who receive massive amounts of donations—but at what personal cost? Hao Wu, knows more about the societal impact of live streaming than anyone else on the planet. In his award-winning documentary, People’s Republic of Desire, he explores why live streaming has been so successful in China and examines the effect that these platforms have on both viewers and creators. In this episode, Hao Wu and Chinaccelerator Managing Director Oscar Ramos cover all aspects of live streaming: from the business models and the future prospects of the industry, to the social consequences of this technology. Read full show notes.

Investing in Interactive Entertainment with Richie Zhu, Partner at Makers Fund

In the gaming space, China’s strength is taking technological innovation and applying it to the market. This is the claim of Richie Zhu, Partner at Makers Fund and lifelong gamer. Makers Fund is a venture capital fund specializing in the interactive entertainment market, which includes gaming, live-streaming, interactive storytelling, virtual content, and more. In this episode, Richie and venture capitalist Oscar Ramos take a comprehensive look at China’s interactive entertainment industry, with a focus on the gaming space. They discuss how the US-China trade war is impacting the global gaming industry, what technology has high potential to take off in China, and ways that foreign gaming companies can enter China successfully. Read full show notes.

Understanding Influencer Marketing in China with Hillary Han, Director of iResearch Training Academy

The influencer or “Key Opinion Leader” (KOL) industry in China is more advanced than anywhere else in the world, according to Hillary Han. Hillary runs a KOL training program at iResearch, one of the country’s leading market research firms. In today’s episode, we’re doing a deep dive into the industry, from the basic concepts, like how brands utilize KOL resources, to practical suggestions about KOL marketing on different platforms. Hillary not only has experience working with many KOLs, but also she is a KOL herself, so we’re thrilled to have her as our guide to this fascinating topic. Read full show notes.

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