10th Anniversary Series Articles

Understand entrepreneurs, understand China and Asia.

2020 marks the 10th year of SOSV and Chinaccelerator. Many changes have unavoidably happened during the past decade, be it moving from Dalian to Shanghai, expanding the team, iterating the program curriculum or investing in more world-changing founders. In the meanwhile, Asia, or even only China, has experienced the fastest innovation evolution in the world.

Therefore, we reached out to interview our community friends – founders, investors, and industry experts – who have been working in Asia’s cross-border startups and investment ecosystem for a long time. By compiling these interviews together in a series, we aim to bring you inspiring stories and lessons behind many masterworks you see today, and also their predictions about the future. Eventually, we want to lead everyone to walk through the past 10-year cross-border entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia, especially China and let history tell us what to expect in the near future.

About Our 10th Anniversary 

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