Upon entry, each team is matched to 5-10 mentors who provide 1:1 guidance and check-in regularly throughout the course of the program. Learn from the trail blazers who’ve succeed at innovating in the world most challenging market.

  • Adam Morley
    Adam MorleyProduct Manager,Nice Technology
  • Adrian Bye
    Adrian ByeOwner, MeetInnovators
  • Akio Tanaka
    Akio TanakaCo-founder & Managing Partner, Infinity Venture Partners
  • Alan Clayton
    Alan ClaytonRoaming Mentor, SOSV | Mentor, HAX
  • Alex Farfurnik
    Alex FarfurnikCo-founder & CTO, Xibao
  • Alok Somani
    Alok SomaniManging Director, Ninety South Limited
    • Alvin Foo
      Alvin FooHead of Airwave China and a CO-Founder of AppBoost
    • Andrew Schorr
      Andrew SchorrCo-founder & CEO, Grata | Co-founder & CEO, GuestOps
      • Andrew Tan
        Andrew TanManaging Partner,TinkBig Venture Limited
      • Andrew Tu
        Andrew TuAPAC Managing Director, The Trade Desk
      • Andy McCown
        Andy McCownSr. Software Developer, TBWA Worldwide
      • Angus Miller
        Angus MillerChina Retail Store Strategy at Apple
      • Arman Zand
        Arman ZandFounding Partner, RedLion Capital
        • Bas Overtoom
          Bas OvertoomSales Executive at Adversitement
        • Bay McLaughlin
          Bay McLaughlinCo-Founder,
        • Beth Ann Eliason-Lim
          Beth Ann Eliason-LimPR/Communications Expert in Residence
          • Bill Bishop
            Bill BishopDigital Media Entrepreneur
          • Bill Liao
            Bill LiaoCo-Founder, CoderDojo | Founder, WeForest | European Venture Partner, SOSV
          • Bill Warner
            Bill WarnerAdvisory Board Member, Berklee College of Music (Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship)
          • Bo Yiqun
            Bo YiqunVice President & Co-Founder at Great Wall Club
          • Bob Zheng
            Bob ZhengFounder & CEO, People Squared
          • Brad Higgins
            Brad HigginsManaging Director, SOSV
            • Brett Bauer
              Brett BauerCEO and Co Founder, Shared2you Inc.
            • Brian Xin
              Brian XinFounder & CEO, Starry Media
            • Bruno Bensaid
              Bruno BensaidCo-founder, Shanghaivest Ltd | Founder/Organiser, Mobilemonday Shanghai
            • Campbell Mclean
              Campbell McleanCo-founder, Executive Producer,
            • Carel van Apeldoorn
              Carel van ApeldoornCo-Founder & CEO, | Director, Guangzhou chapter for Startup Grind
            • Carl Wegner
              Carl WegnerManaging Director (Head of Global Transaction Banking) Greater China, Deutsche Bank
            • Caroline Pan
              Caroline PanTechnology Consultant and Advisor
            • Casey Lau
              Casey LauCo-Founder of StartupsHK | Community Development Manager, SoftLayer Technologies
            • Chris Evdemon
              Chris EvdemonPartner, Innovation Works | CEO, Idea Bulb Ventures
            • Chris Kelsey
              Chris KelseyCEO of Cazza Construction Technologies
            • Chris Lerner
              Chris LernerPartner, Eaton Partners LLC
            • Chris Zhang
              Chris ZhangCommunity Manager
              • Curt Shi
                Curt ShiEvangelist of Entrepreneurship and Skateboarding
              • Cyril Ebersweiler
                Cyril EbersweilerPartner, SOSV | Founder of Chinaccelerator & HAX | Mentor, 500 Startups | Mentor, TechStars
                • David Chen
                  David ChenCo-founder, AngelVest
                • David Li
                  David Liounder, Shanghai Aquaponics | Organiser, Startup Weekend Shanghai | Co-founder, Hacked Matter | Founder, XinCheJian
                • Dirk Eschenbacher
                  Dirk EschenbacherFounding Partner,
                • Dominic Penaloza
                  Dominic PenalozaFounder, Bestaurant
                • Ellen Lu
                  Ellen LuEntrepreneur and Strategic Financial Advisor
                • Elliott Ng
                  Elliott NgDirector of Product Management for APAC Display Ads, Google
                • Ernie Diaz
                  Ernie DiazPublisher, China Digital Review
                • Eugene Chew
                  Eugene ChewChief Digital Officer, JWT Shanghai
                • Eugene Lee
                  Eugene LeeEntrepreneurial Investor
                  • Evans Jia
                    Evans JiaInvestment Advisor at Upmost Capital
                  • Fred Groen
                    Fred GroenCountry Manager at Cloudera
                  • Gang Lu
                    Gang LuFounder, and TechCrunch China
                  • Gen Kanai
                    Gen KanaiDirector, Asia Community Engagement, Mozilla
                  • Geoffrey Handley
                    Geoffrey HandleyAdvisor, Mentor at NEST Investments
                  • George Godula
                    George GodulaFounder and CEO, Web2Asia | Partner, Jimdo | Managing Director of Asia, mhdirekt
                  • Greg Armshaw
                    Greg ArmshawMarket Entry and Product Strategy - Digital Specialist
                  • Greg Pilarowski
                    Greg PilarowskiFounder,Pillar Legal
                  • Hayk Hakobyan
                    Hayk HakobyanHead of Business Development at Global Yellow Pages
                  • Jack Chen
                    Jack ChenHead of the Shanghai office, Pillar Legal
                  • Jacob Creech
                    Jacob CreechCo-Founder & CEO of Boost Agile
                  • Jacob Rothman
                    Jacob RothmanFounding Partner & Angel Investor
                  • James Fong
                    James FongCEO, Oriental Dreamworks
                    • James Tan
                      James TanChief Operating Officer, JetBay | Managing Partner, QuestVC | Co-founder,
                    • Jason Chang
                      Jason ChangAdvisor / Consultant
                    • Jason Wong
                      Jason WongFounding Partner, Platform88
                    • Jason Yin
                      Jason YinFounder & Partner of Campus VC
                    • Jean Claude Donato
                      Jean Claude DonatoManaging Director, Nikaia Ventures (Tsar, Zinier)
                    • Jeffrey O’Rourke
                      Jeffrey O’RourkeDirector, Dolcezza Holdings
                    • Jeffrey Paine
                      Jeffrey PaineFounding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
                    • Jenny Zhu
                      Jenny ZhuFounder OpenLanguage
                    • Jeremy Hall-Smith
                      Jeremy Hall-SmithManaging Director & Founder at Persuasive Networks Limited
                    • Jesper Lodahl
                      Jesper LodahlCEO & Co-Founder, SmarTots
                    • Jim Yang
                      Jim YangGeneral Manager(China), Supercell
                    • Jörn Helms
                      Jörn HelmsSenior Advisor, Bank of Taizhou
                    • Julian Awad
                      Julian AwadOwner, JSA Interactive
                    • Jung Goh
                      Jung GohInternational Digital Expert with Extensive Strategic and Leadership Experience in China
                    • Justin Mallen
                      Justin MallenFounder & CEO, Silk Road Telecommunication
                      • Kartik Ram
                        Kartik RamPartner, Fashion Fund | Managing Director, Karma Bikes
                      • Kate Kao
                        Kate KaoFounder & Managing Partner of HWK Group
                      • Ken Foo
                        Ken FooDirector of Corporate Development at Autodesk
                      • Kenny Bloom
                        Kenny BloomCEO VisiTek Holdings
                        • Kevin Chen
                          Kevin ChenCo-founder, | Co-founder, Techyizu
                        • Kevin Dewalt
                          Kevin DewaltFounder at ScribbleIQ
                        • Liu Yan
                          Liu YanCo-founder & Chief Curator, CAMP | Senior Advisor, Transist Impact Labs | Co-founder, Living the Crowd
                        • Luis Lui
                          Luis LuiExecutive Vice President & Senior Partner at Axel International
                        • Manmeet Singh
                          Manmeet SinghExpert in Residence, Financial Modeling
                        • Mark Downing
                          Mark DowningGlobal SEO for Dell
                        • Mark Englehart Evans
                          Mark Englehart EvansSenior Regional Strategist, Blue Hive Shanghai (WPP)
                        • Mark Greevan
                          Mark GreevanDirector MBA Global Entrepreneurship Program (China), Zhejiang University (School of Management) | Associate Professor, Zhejiang University
                          • Mark Ikauniks
                            Mark IkauniksExpert in Residence, Investment Decks
                            • Martin Barnes
                              Martin BarnesPresentation Consultant & Training for NGO's start-ups
                            • Martin Daffner
                              Martin DaffnerDirector of Innovation, Hult Business School
                            • Martin Kan
                              Martin KanSilicon Valley Bank
                            • Michael Toedman
                              Michael ToedmanMD of Soho Syndicate
                            • Mikaal Abdulla
                              Mikaal AbdullaCo-founder and CEO, 8 Securities
                            • Mikko Puhakka
                              Mikko PuhakkaFounding Partner at Lion Partners
                            • Milo Chao
                              Milo ChaoExpert in Residence, Brand Strategy
                            • Monte Singman
                              Monte SingmanVP of Business Development at iDreamSky
                            • Neil Liang
                              Neil LiangCreative Strategy and Technology Executive
                            • Neil Nand
                              Neil NandCreative Technology Director
                            • Nevo Alva
                              Nevo AlvaFounder & CEO of Visualead
                            • NIck Plante
                              NIck PlanteDirector, Zerosum Labs
                            • Nicolas du Cray
                              Nicolas du CrayVenture Partner Iris Capital
                            • Oliver d’Arros
                              Oliver d’ArrosIndustrial high-tech Executive & Entrepreneur
                            • Oscar Ramos
                              Oscar RamosProgram Director
                            • Patrick Lee
                              Patrick LeeCo-founder, Hobo Labs
                            • Paul Meyers
                              Paul MeyersVice President Business Development, migme
                            • Paul Stepanek
                              Paul StepanekFounder of Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD) & BOHDI Adventures
                            • Paul Wu
                              Paul WuCEO of GMobi
                            • Peter Davison
                              Peter DavisonFounder of Fishburners
                            • Phil Harton
                              Phil HartonFounder, CultureLab
                            • Philip Beck
                              Philip BeckChairman, Dubeta Pty Ltd | Chairman & Co-founder, DianYue
                            • Philip Johnson
                              Philip JohnsonPrincipal, Johnson Business Consulting
                              • Pierre-Jean Hanard
                                Pierre-Jean HanardCo-Founder & CEO of Sharepa
                              • Puja Abassi
                                Puja AbassiCommunications Manager, Giant Swarm
                              • Raj Shetgar
                                Raj ShetgarBosch Innovation Manager
                              • Randy Chee
                                Randy CheeManaging Director, RC Consulting
                              • Richard Robinson
                                Richard RobinsonCo-founder and President, Yolu Co Ltd
                              • Ronen Mense
                                Ronen MenseVP Asia at AppsFlyer
                              • Ryan Shuken
                                Ryan ShukenExpert in Residence, Growth Hacker
                                • Sameer Karim
                                  Sameer KarimVice President of Strategy at Originate China
                                  • Sarah Kochling
                                    Sarah KochlingManaging Principal of Blossom Innovation
                                  • Scott Pollack
                                    Scott PollackManaging Director, Thoughtful Media Group | TMG China
                                  • Sean O’Sullivan
                                    Sean O’SullivanManaging Director, SOSV
                                  • Shawn Broderick
                                    Shawn BroderickChief Accelerator Officer, SOSV | Principle, TechVibe Inc.
                                  • Shervin Bakhtiari
                                    Shervin BakhtiariTMT Innovation, Strategy & Investment Consultant
                                  • Shlomo Freund
                                    Shlomo FreundFounder, Startup Noodle and AppInChina
                                  • Shoubo Xu
                                    Shoubo XuFounder, A Smart Travel Solution Start-up
                                  • Sidney Wen
                                    Sidney WenExecutive Vice President at Keytone Ventures
                                  • Sina Farzaneh
                                    Sina FarzanehCo-founder of Advocacy
                                  • Stephane Monsallier
                                    Stephane MonsallierFounder, System in Motion
                                  • Stephen Price
                                    Stephen PriceFounder & Managing Director, Ikura Group
                                    • Tharon Smith
                                      Tharon SmithFounding Partner, Strontium Group | Managing Director, LendIt China | Director of Research, Fudan University
                                    • Thibault Villet
                                      Thibault VilletCo-founder & CEO, Glamour Sales China
                                    • Timothy Lamb
                                      Timothy LambManaging Director, Sovereign
                                    • Timothy Li
                                      Timothy LiCEO and Founder of Kuber Inc.
                                    • Tobias Pfuetze
                                      Tobias PfuetzeConsultant at Mediaman & FinTech Entrepreneur
                                    • Tom Emrich
                                      Tom EmrichPartner, Super Ventures| Founder, We Are Wearables
                                    • Tom Limongello
                                      Tom LimongelloCEO, Truffle
                                    • Tor Petersen
                                      Tor PetersenManaging Director of Sales, Greater China at GoPro
                                    • Trevor Owens
                                      Trevor OwensCEO & Founder of Javelin & Lean Startup Machine
                                    • Volker Heistermann
                                      Volker HeistermannManaging Director, Yushan Ventures Ltd | Mobile Advisor, Mobile Metrix
                                    • Wendy Hogan
                                      Wendy HoganCOO at migme
                                    • Wesley Hsu
                                      Wesley HsuFounder & CEO, Wesmax
                                    • Will Herman
                                      Will HermanMassively Parallel Entrepreneur